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Northcrest Park Peek

Apr 11, 2019 02:24PM ● By Rachel Belfield
This is the first installment of a regular feature here on Shoreline Families: Park Peek!

Today we’ll explore a small neighborhood park that, if you’re like me, you’ve driven past and never visited: Northcrest Park in the Ridgecrest neighborhood. The park’s official address lists it on NE 170th St, but there’s also an entrance on NE 165th St., which is where I entered to peek into this small local park.

Here’s what I found:

  • Clean, wide, well-maintained paths. This would be a great spot to bring young bicyclists to try some trails without the daunting hills and roots of a wooded park such as Hamlin. Check out the complete video walkthrough on our Facebook post!!
  • The playground at the 170th end has newer play equipment, including one of those great, cone-shaped merry-go-rounds that kids love to spin and spin and spin.
  • It took me just under 6 minutes to leisurely walk the length of the park from 165th to 170th, and my phone says the distance was roughly .15 mile.
  • I was pleased to see virtually no trash throughout this park. Just one plastic core from a roll of doggie poop bags, and if that means that neighbors are cleaning up after their pets, then I’ll happily pocket that plastic for the garbage can on my way out!


This park is best suited for:

  • Preschoolers and elementary schoolers riding bikes and using the playground. There are quite a few blackberry bushes along paths, and while they appear to be kept well at bay in the spring, in summer months, they might make scratch-free walking tough for toddlers. The small playground and few paths might not hold the attention of older kids for long.

  • A picnic on one of the grassy patches. Pack your own, grab dinner from a food truck at Ridgecrest Public House, or carry out coffee and pastries from Cafe Aroma!
  • Those with minor mobility challenges. While the path isn’t paved, it’s relatively free of tree roots and had no fallen trees or other challenges to navigate when I visited in March. Also, street parking is available directly outside the entrance on 170th, where there’s a bench right next to the play equipment.
Keep in mind that there are no bathroom or handwashing facilities at this park, so be sure to come prepared.

Are you a Northcrest Park regular? What else should we know? Leave your comments here!

Have you peeked into Northcrest Park? What did you find?